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Why choose Invictus Utilities as your Water Broker?

Water brokers will have a vital role in the reformed water retail market; therefore it is important that you choose the right one. The competitive retail water market opens its doors in April 2017 where English businesses and public sector bodies will be able to switch water suppliers freely.


This will see intensified competition in the market place as well as promoting innovative business across this sector in turn will ultimately benefit the end user’s experience. This is where Invictus Utilities comes in to help you; we lead by putting customers first with everything we do.


The importance of water brokers is not stressed enough with an open market, Invictus Utilities is a campaigner for the open retail water market and will act as a representative for our customers to guide them through the challenges they will face in a new competitive marketplace.


Invictus Utilities already has the experience as a broker in the Energy and Waste markets. Water will be no different; Invictus Utilities will be providing the highest quality of service to all our water customers; identifying solutions and developing innovative ideas to help our clients achieve their end goal in their water usage.